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We have experienced and highly educated experts. Our team consists of individuals who have done PhD & Master in Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Biology, Business Studies and more. We have US and UK based writers who have great experience in producing high quality essays & research papers. Whatever level of grammar or writing you are looking for; we will definitely meet that level.



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What is Homework Guy?

Homework Guy is an academic platform where you can seek help for your academic projects including Essays, Quizzes, Assignments, Discussions, Research Papers or even Online classes. We offer help with multiple courses like Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business studies including Accounting and Finance, subjects related to Humanities and Social Sciences and More.

Are your papers pre-written?

All our papers are written from scratch and are totally original. We follow the instructions that personally provided by you, so the completed papers are 100% unique.

Do you copy answers or other materials from the internet?

We never copy any content from the internet as it may be considered as plagiarism. We also provide Turnitin plagiarism report for free along with each task.

Which Academic level you are able to assist?

We will be able to assist with all Academic levels:

How much it will cost for per page or exam, test/quiz etc?

We charge $15/page (double spaced and 275 words). For a price quote for your exams, projects, tests/quizzes etc, feel free to contact!

How much do you charge to take my online class?

Our standard rate is $80/week. But prices for taking online classes also depends on the tasks or the amount of work in a week.

What do you need to get started and how do I send payment?

Please share your assignment or homework details/prompt. And you must have PayPal account for payment. We also accept cryptocurrency.

What grade do you Guarantee?

We aim for A grade. We try our best to get the best grade we can. However we provide 100% refund guarantee.

How much is the Refund Guarantee?

50% refund below B grade, 80% Refund below C and of course 100% in case of failing. Here's the Proof Of Refund.

Do you charge Payments in Advance?

For writing papers i.e. Essays or Research papers, we charge 50% upfront payment to get started on it. But for taking exams/tests/quizzes, we don't charge any payments in Advance. But 50% payment when 50% of the exam is done (during the exam) and another 50% when the grade comes out.

For Any other query or concern, feel free to contact us.

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